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In the Life of a Homeschooler

This year is a big one of change for me. I decided towards the end of last school year that I didn't want to go back to my private college prep school for multiple reasons. One being that my mental health there was not where I wanted it to be and my social life wasn't… Continue reading In the Life of a Homeschooler


How to Enjoy Martha’s Vineyard

One of my favorite things to do all summer is to go to Martha's Vineyard. My family owns a house on Cape Cod, MA so we usually head over to the Vineyard one or two times a summer. A couple of weeks ago our family and some close family friends decided to take the trek… Continue reading How to Enjoy Martha’s Vineyard

Mental Health

Suicide Prevention and How to Help

As most people know, suicide prevention and awareness is a big part of my life. I myself was diagnosed with depression and anxiety back in 2017 and since then, my mental health has improved A LOT and now I'm a huge advocate for mental health and everything suicide awareness/prevention. Down below are links where you… Continue reading Suicide Prevention and How to Help


How To Deal With Hate

I know I'm not the only one who has ever gotten into an argument or dealt with hate. I think it is a normal thing to deal with (which is kind of sad) so I decided to give you some of my tips on how to deal with the hater and how to mentally deal… Continue reading How To Deal With Hate