My Pamper Routine

For my anxiety mind, it is necessary for me to pamper myself a couple times a week. Now this doesn't mean going to the spa for an expensive massage or even just going to get my nails done (which I do this from time to time as well) but doing a face mask, journaling and… Continue reading My Pamper Routine

Mental Health

Famous People Who Struggle

     Often we look up to those in the different industries. Actors, singers, models, authors who all seem like they have it together. We believe that since they have the “perfect life,” that they have a seemingly perfect life. We all see those magazines with famous people on the cover with the title “They’re… Continue reading Famous People Who Struggle


My Summer Skincare Routine

I am obsessed with skincare as I've always struggled with acne ever since I was in the fourth grade. Although I still have some acne, these products and routine have helped my skin out a lot! Disclaimer: I have had a dermatologist suggest some of these products for MY skin so these may not work… Continue reading My Summer Skincare Routine


Coping Skills

         For me, I have really learned the importance of coping skills when I am having a rough day or night. When you get into those depressive moods or however you would like to describe your “moments”, it is important that you have a way out. Coping skills can be any healthy… Continue reading Coping Skills


The Importance of Counseling

     I used to be one of those people who despised therapy. When I was in the sixth grade I went to therapy for the first time and let’s just say that I did not have the most positive experience (I HATED it). Now however, I literally text the school counselor all the time… Continue reading The Importance of Counseling