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Travel Essentials ~ Wants and Needs

This week I am taking my brother to college and to do so we traveled to Savannah, GA. I thought that it would be fun to do a travel essentials version of Wants and Needs. Some of these products I use and others are ones that I want/need! Enjoy!          

Wants and Needs

Decor ~ Wants and Needs

I have recently been OBSESSED with room decor. My mom has a website ( where she sells new and old furniture, rugs, lights, etc. so I have always had a passion for not only vintage but furniture and interior design as well. I have been going to antique stores and flea markets since I was… Continue reading Decor ~ Wants and Needs

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Wellness Products ~ Wants and Needs

As you could probably tell, I am a HUGE lover of everything wellness. Whether that be skincare, makeup, healthy drinks, etc., I love them all. Here are some of the products I personally love to use and also some that I have been DYING to try out! Think happy, be happy Sophie xoxo