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Travel Essentials ~ Wants and Needs

This week I am taking my brother to college and to do so we traveled to Savannah, GA. I thought that it would be fun to do a travel essentials version of Wants and Needs. Some of these products I use and others are ones that I want/need! Enjoy!          


My Travel Essentials

Tonight I leave to take my brother to college (SCAD) and I though that I would make a post about my travel sized travel essentials. These you can take with you on the plane and don't have to worry about security taking them away! I usually pack things for both the plane and where I… Continue reading My Travel Essentials


How to Enjoy Martha’s Vineyard

One of my favorite things to do all summer is to go to Martha's Vineyard. My family owns a house on Cape Cod, MA so we usually head over to the Vineyard one or two times a summer. A couple of weeks ago our family and some close family friends decided to take the trek… Continue reading How to Enjoy Martha’s Vineyard