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In the Life of a Homeschooler

This year is a big one of change for me. I decided towards the end of last school year that I didn't want to go back to my private college prep school for multiple reasons. One being that my mental health there was not where I wanted it to be and my social life wasn't… Continue reading In the Life of a Homeschooler

My Journey

Body Positivity

I've never been a super confident person. I have always had major insecurities about my body and issues with how I look. I have always looked at other girls' bodies and wanted what I saw. However, as I begin my workout journey and healthy eating lifestyle, I have learned that no matter what you look… Continue reading Body Positivity

My Journey

All I Need is Within Me

Society can function without respect but it will not flourish due to the need of admiration, desire, and gratitude. In our society there are many ways of showing respect such as holding a door for a higher authority, shaking someones hand, or helping a fellow peer with their homework. Respecting others is crucial to gaining… Continue reading All I Need is Within Me

My Journey

Change is Good

Some people see change as a bad thing. Being out of our comfort zone has a negative connotation around it. We think that if we are out of our comfort zone or around something or someone that we aren't comfortable with, it is really, really bad. This year has been a major one for change,… Continue reading Change is Good

My Journey

My Journey Up To Now

Warning: Graphic Content           Up to now I have struggled a lot on my mental health journey. I started self harming when I was in sixth grade and had to go to therapy. There wasn't really a reason why I would do it besides the fact that I was really sad… Continue reading My Journey Up To Now