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Wellness Products ~ Wants and Needs

As you could probably tell, I am a HUGE lover of everything wellness. Whether that be skincare, makeup, healthy drinks, etc., I love them all. Here are some of the products I personally love to use and also some that I have been DYING to try out! Think happy, be happy Sophie xoxo  


My Favorite Jewelry

It's safe to say that I have a new obsession with jewelry. It adds such a cute touch to any outfit, whether that be small or big. Here are some of my favorite jewelry items that I own! Shein: Fan Shaped Tassel Earrings (I have the ones in pink but I thought these were super… Continue reading My Favorite Jewelry


My Pamper Routine

For my anxiety mind, it is necessary for me to pamper myself a couple times a week. Now this doesn't mean going to the spa for an expensive massage or even just going to get my nails done (which I do this from time to time as well) but doing a face mask, journaling and… Continue reading My Pamper Routine