How to Enjoy Martha’s Vineyard

One of my favorite things to do all summer is to go to Martha’s Vineyard. My family owns a house on Cape Cod, MA so we usually head over to the Vineyard one or two times a summer. A couple of weeks ago our family and some close family friends decided to take the trek on over and here are some of the pictures we took and some of my favorite things to do while there.

1) Gay Head or Aquinnah

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go to the cliffs. They are stunning!! They completely take your breath away with the lighthouse, cliffs, and clear water. The only way to get to the beach is by boat so it is almost completely desolate. Highly recommend taking the trip to check it out.

2) The Flying Horse

If you have little ones or are a child at heart you HAVE to check this one out. The Flying Horse is the oldest carousel in the country and the horses are original! It’s amazing to check out

4) The Black Dog Tavern (on the water)

For lunch once you jump off the ferry in Vineyardhaven, a great place to go is the original Black Dog Tavern. It’s right on the beach and has great food and is semi-affordable (for the Vineyard).

5) The Seafood Shanty (on the water)

A more lavish lunch or dinner place is the Seafood Shanty with a variety of both some Mexican appetizers, seafood, sushi, drinks, and desserts.

6) The Black Dog Tall Ships

The Black Dog Tall Ships is one of my favorite things to do on the Vineyard as well. Exploring the ocean and seeing the other speedboats and sailboats is a fun way to get to know the Vineyard.

7) The original Vineyard Vines

If you are a fan of VV, the Vineyard is for you. Based on Martha’s Vineyard, one of the largest stores in the country is here and has some of its own merchandise just for this store.

8) Methodist Camp

The Methodist Camp was built in the 1800’s and has gingerbread houses all around it in a circle (not actually gingerbread just fyi, the architecture). With houses all with their own theme, the Methodist Camp is fun for all ages.

9) Shops in Edartown, Vineyardhaven, and Oak Bluffs

If you are ready to shop till you drop, these three towns are going to be fun for you! With a multitude of shops, this is a lot of fun to buy gifts for you or others.

10) Edgartown Lighthouse

Shown in the pictures taken, the Edgartown is a beautiful spot from all angles. You can chill on the beach or sit by the lighthouse and watch all of the boats come on in.

I hope you enjoyed my post about M/V and if you’re heading over, to go to some of my favorite spots. Let me know in the comments below if you have been or are going to Martha’s Vineyard!!

Think happy, be happy

Sophie xoxo

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