My Pamper Routine

For my anxiety mind, it is necessary for me to pamper myself a couple times a week. Now this doesn’t mean going to the spa for an expensive massage or even just going to get my nails done (which I do this from time to time as well) but doing a face mask, journaling and drinking some tea. Here’s my routine on how I wind down for the night and pamper myself.

1. Taking a hot shower or bath

This is one of my favorite steps as it gets me clean from the day and it’s almost as if I am washing away all the negativity and grossness from the day if there was any. I love to take hot showers as it distresses me and makes me feel more comfortable. If i really want to indulge, I will run a steamy bath with salts, bubbles, and candles. It all depends on how much time I want to spend.

2. Doing a face mask

This is another step that makes me feel clean. I hate having makeup on all day as it puts gunk in your pores and makes you break out. A face mask really deals with that and removes the day from your face.

3. Lay in bed and watch youtube 

Usually I’ll watch daily vlogs or travel vlogs, I really enjoy these. Some of my favorite YouTubers to watch are Tatiana Ringsby, Saywer Hartman, and Payton Sartain. I LOVE their videos. They all make me feel so calm and relaxed.

4. Make tea and journal

After I watch a couple of YouTube videos I’ll put on some calm music (the Evening Chill playlist on Spotify), make some tea, and journal. This helps make me sleepy and clear my mind and get everything out on paper from the day. I find that journaling is one of my favorite coping skills as it is similar to blogging and helps calm me down. Especially if I have a hard day this helps me wind down.

5. Get cozy and go to sleep

Lastly, I’ll turn the lights off, get cozy in bed, maybe check my phone one more time, and then go to sleep. I take sleeping medication so once I take it around 11:00, I am usually out like a light. I love sleeping. It is literally one of my favorite things ever. It rejuvenates you for the next day and helps me feel happier and calmer.

That is it for my pamper/night routine, I hope you enjoyed reading about what I do. Comment below what you do and what your favorite thing in your pamper routine is, I would love to know!

Think happy, be happy

Sophie xoxo

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