The Importance of Counseling

     I used to be one of those people who despised therapy. When I was in the sixth grade I went to therapy for the first time and let’s just say that I did not have the most positive experience (I HATED it). Now however, I literally text the school counselor all the time and go see her during the day and see a professional outside of school two times a week. It’s the best. I can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to someone about how you are feeling. 

     Don’t give up on it the first time you go either because sometimes it is more about finding the person that you connect best with and that could take a couple of tries. Before I started this, I would have random breakdowns almost every day. I would go through my day worrying about if I was going to have a panic attack or a breakdown but ever since then, I barely have panic attacks and rarely have breakdowns. 

      It’s so unhealthy to hold everything in because you will eventually bubble up and burst. If you have the ability to see a professional, I highly recommend it and if not, find a wise adult. Sometimes it’s hard for our friends to understand or know how to respond which is why I suggest someone older than you like a small group leader or a teacher. Make sure you seek the help that you need to provide you with a healthier mind. 

Featured image: Isabella Breedlove

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