My Summer Skincare Routine

I am obsessed with skincare as I’ve always struggled with acne ever since I was in the fourth grade. Although I still have some acne, these products and routine have helped my skin out a lot!

Disclaimer: I have had a dermatologist suggest some of these products for MY skin so these may not work for you like they do for me. I am also on birth control to help out my acne which really does help a lot.

Step One: My first step is to cleanse. I use my Clarisonic Mia to really get all of my makeup off my face. With this I use the Trader Joes face wash with tea tree oil. As you will see in a later step, I am a big fan of tea tree oil. It has huge benefits for your skin.


Step Two: My second step is to do a face mask. These are my two favorite face masks at the moment. Depending on what I think my skin needs, I either use both at one time on different spots on my face, or each individually. Face masks really deep clean and get all of the gunk out of your face. These face masks are the Freeman anti-stress clay mask and the Origins GinZing mask. The Origins mask is a peel off mask which I usually use on my nose and chin for blackheads and the Freeman mask is a clay mask which I use for my cheeks and forehead.


Step Three: My third step is to use toner. I use two different toners as sometimes I need a more deep cleanse and sometimes I want a more gentle toner. The more harsh toner is the Pixi Glow Tonic. This really does what it says, it makes your skin GLOW. I am obsessed with it right now. My other toner I use is the well-known Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner. This toner is alcohol free so it is definitely more gentle on your skin.


Step Four: As I said before, I am obsessed with tea tree oil. Step four is to grab tea tree oil and a cotton ball. I dab the oil onto the cotton ball and then dilute it in water so that it isn’t as strong. This step is one of my favorites because it really feels like it’s working.


Step Five: Step five is to moisturize. My dermatologist told me to use this moisturizer as it is really gentle and soothing after you use all of your toners and other products. The CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is super moisturizing and smooths out your skin. If you have a dry spot, put this stuff on it and it is instantly gone.


Step Six: The final step is to spray some aloe spray all over face until it looks like you just washed your face. I LOVE this stuff. I feel like after all of these steps my skin can kind of become irritated so this step really makes my skin less red and nourished. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea is definitely one of my favorite products that I use by far.


I hope that you enjoy these products and make sure to leave a comment on what skincare products that you use!

Think happy, be happy

Sophie xoxo

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