Coping Skills

         For me, I have really learned the importance of coping skills when I am having a rough day or night. When you get into those depressive moods or however you would like to describe your “moments”, it is important that you have a way out. Coping skills can be any healthy way to deal with negative emotions that can range from doing your makeup to going on a walk. All of the therapists I’ve had have said to distract yourself for twenty minutes and the emotion should dull or go away. Your brain, when distracted, literally can not focus on one emotion for that long of a period of time. When I learned this, it changed my thought pattern. The key to this is to distract yourself instead of sitting there and dwelling on one emotion. You need to find what works for you, but some that work for me are coloring, painting, kickboxing, or baking.These are my four go to skills that I turn to when I am below my level six. Levels one through six are when I am not severe or in any danger, but above a six I have to use what I call my “911 skills.” These are such as calling my therapist, doing a heavy workout, or calling my bible study leaders. These skills are more intensive and get the job done quickly and fiercely. It is important for you to find out what works best for you especially in your different levels. I hope that you learn more about yourself and what works for you. Everyone is different so everyone will have their own unique ways of coping with their struggles. Here is a list of coping skills, make sure to let me know which ones you are going to try or have tried and work for you!

  • listen to music 
  • read a book 
  • journal 
  • call a friend
  • workout/play a sport
  • make something (art) 
  • cook a new meal 
  • clean/organize your room 
  • meditate 
  • watch a movie 

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