Coping Skills for Bad Nights

        We all have those nights that just are really, really hard. What that looks like for me is maybe a panic attack, stuffy nose from crying so much, really deep sadness, and the urge to self harm. This may not be the same for you so these tips might not help you like they do me but I hope you would be willing to try them out anyways!
1) Make some tea or coffee. The warm drink you make will help calm you down and bring you back to your senses.
2) Go for a walk or some type of exercise. I usually kick box or go for a walk to try and clear my mind. If you have the urge to self harm, exercise is really good because it is painful but in a healthy way.
3) Call someone. If your night is really bad, it may be best to call someone like a therapist instead of a friend because they may not know how to deal with it, but if you are just sad then calling a friend can be helpful.
4) Journal. Journaling is a really good way to get your feelings out and down somewhere without bottling them all in where you’ll explode later.
5) Draw on your body with washable markers. This one has helped me before when feeling the need to self harm. Make sure you use washable markers and the tip of the pen or marker isn’t sharp! Do this to create something beautiful, not destructive!
6) Collage, paint, or color. Art can distract your brain from the other thoughts you are having, and art is one of my very main coping skills.
         Always remember that it’s okay to have a bad night, it doesn’t mean you’re heaving a bad life. It’s so important to find healthy coping skills that you can use even in the hardest of moments. Let me know what coping skills you use in your hard moments and let me know if you try any of mine!
Think happy, be happy
Sophie xo

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