My Journey

Change is Good

Some people see change as a bad thing. Being out of our comfort zone has a negative connotation around it. We think that if we are out of our comfort zone or around something or someone that we aren’t comfortable with, it is really, really bad. This year has been a major one for change, and it has turned out in the better for me.

In the past nine months I have lost a lot of friends and relationships in my life. I lost people I loved dearly and believed the they loved me back. I was wrong however. Maybe they loved me so much that this was the only way they saw in getting through their struggles, or maybe they didn’t actually love me and they just used me and then wanted me out of their life. All of this aside, I believe that the outcome of these terrible things happening has been one of the best things for me. I have become much closer to my true friends, gained new friendships, and found a relationship that I’ve fallen in love with. Sometimes it takes this terrible, devastating change to help us find who we truly are in the long run.

Nine months ago I didn’t want to even be alive and found no happiness in what life is. Now, I currently am writing a blog post about change while on a flight to one of my favorite places in the world, happy as can be. In saying that, it is impossible to constantly be happy with change. I know in the long run that it will benefit me in some way but at the current moment in time it seems like maybe the worst possible outcome.

Take advantage of change. Turn it from the worst to the best. I had no idea I would have all of the wonderful things that I do now nine months ago or even five months ago. Take advantage of the time to become a better person inside and out. Take this time of change and possible devastation to become an even better you. We all need these moments to happen to become our true selves so instead of complaining and being negative about it, take this time to change and be the most wonderful you there could be.

Graphic: Isabella Breedlove

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