My Journey

All I Need is Within Me

Society can function without respect but it will not flourish due to the need of admiration, desire, and gratitude. In our society there are many ways of showing respect such as holding a door for a higher authority, shaking someones hand, or helping a fellow peer with their homework. Respecting others is crucial to gaining respect for yourself.

When I was seven years old my neighbor who was in her eighties invited me over to see her dolls. A semi creepy experience at first turned into a relationship full of respect, trust, and honesty. She quickly turned into my mentor and taught me lessons about choosing the right boy, respecting others, and loving unconditionally. She helped me grow as a young girl into a young woman and loved me no matter what. She taught me what respect truly is and how important it is to love those around you even when they make mistakes. Mrs. Ryan was the most loved woman I have ever met and her door was always open to anyone who needed to talk. I had so much respect for her as a strong woman in how she dealt with me and my journey with depression and anxiety. She made me feel strong and as if I could do anything rather than overwhelmed and overdramatic. She respected my feelings and emotions more than anyone else that I had met. 

My journey and struggle with learning how to understand myself better with the diseases of depression and anxiety has taught me to respect those who are above me. My experience of going to a mental hospital twice as a teenager has taught me how important it is to respect the people who have power over us. Respecting the doctors, therapists, and techs who were there to help me get better and grow into a stronger person. I learned the importance of respecting these people who were only there for my health and benefit. The techs became our friends and the other patients became family. It was very important to not question each other and understand the importance of boundaries in our unit. People tended to be very open with why they were there and the situation but also required respect and dignity. This experience was a very nerve-wracking one as well as a productive one. I learned lessons that I would have never learned outside of the hospital and became a more respectful, well-rounded person. I learned how important it is to respect other people in order to gain respect for yourself. I met my best friend here and she was there for the same reason that I was, suicide attempt. My year had been a rough one and the only way that I could see out of dealing with my problems was to just end it all. I couldn’t see a future for myself and I couldn’t believe that I could somehow do something productive with my life. This lead me to the point of respecting myself. We as humans deserve to respect others but to also respect ourselves. It is so unbelievably important to love and respect the fact that a higher power gave us this life, our only life, and it is ours to have for as long as we live. Before I went to the hospital I had no respect for myself and I couldn’t love who I was. The caring, spontaneous, and generous person that I am was nothing to me. Now that I have been, I have gained an immense amount of respect for my personality and body. I found it so crucial to have this part of me that is caring, spontaneous, and generous for others but also myself. All I need is within me and all I need is to respect and love myself, everything else will work out in the end. 

Respect is one of the most important characteristics for a human to attain. To me, respect is one of my favorite things about other people. If someone else is respectful to themselves and to others it is extremely appreciated. Respect can be such a simple gesture but mean the most to someone else. A small attempt at being kind could make someone else day as well as your own. Self respect and respect for others is some of the most important things that one can learn in your life and get you the farthest. 

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